How it Works

The Core Offering

The Core Offering is our cornerstone product and entails Belleville acting as the Agent of Record on your group benefits plan for an annual fixed fee. All the benefits plan management services are delivered through the web interface.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Renewal Negotiations
  • Updated experience at renewal and quarterly updates
  • Up-to-date reference for general plan information
  • Plan Design Options
  • Employee Pricing Scenarios
  • Continuous access to the online platform
  • Reference platform to make benefits decisions
  • Provide plan information at the initial data collection
  • Provide experience for initial data collection and on-going renewal and experience updates

Process Overview

Our business model relies on leveraging technology to deliver benefits consulting services as efficient as possible. We have a structured and automated back end which generates a web platform that is the go-to place for general plan information and underwriting/experience analysis. No more 40-page reports, you see the same web platform we see, it is the most efficient way.

Other Services

Vendor Procurements, Disability/Pharmacy Analytics, Claims Audits and Custom Dashboards are available upon request. All additional services are also delivered through the web interface.


We want to work with your plan! Moving to Belleville does not result in any interruptions to your plan or employee level disruptions. For pricing details and further questions please reach out to and check out our One Page PDF.