The Scoring Attempt Tree

This is the first framework that can quantify a team's points per possession by a function of shooting, rebounding and turnover metrics. This framework leads to the conclusion that NBA basketball is 32% Shooting, 32% Opponent’s Shooting, 20% Turnovers and 16% Rebounding. It is a more exact approach then the famous Oliver’s four factor approach. Consider this as a master point of reference for all my basketball content.

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Scoring Attempt Tree Framework Derviation of the Scoring Attempt Tree Framework and The Formula That Explains Basketball Explainer Part 1 Interactive Write Up
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zbo scores Applying The Scoring Attempt Tree Framework to derive ratings metrics for shooting, opponent's shooting, rebound and turnover forces. The approach is moe exact than the famous Oliver's Approach. Explainer Part 2
Scoring Attempt Tree Interpretations Understanding the role of miss% in the scoring attempt tree framework Can missing make your team better at basketball?
Analyzing composite shooting efficiencies including free throws from attempts from 2 vs 3 Why 23 teams in the NBA take too many threes?
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