Our Story


I am not from Belleville, Ontario and this business is not affiliated with the town in any way. My mom's side of the family is from the Prince Edward County, and growing up our family would always go there to visit. My time there started before the wineries, the tourism booms, and the Drake Devonshire. I always really liked the area and had great memories associated with that part of Ontario. The beaches, the Victorian architecture, and the water towers, it’s all great.

Some of my earliest rounds of golf were in Belleville. I’ve always liked the town, and I’ve always liked the name. As it relates to this offering I also strive for my clients to regard this service in a positive light, hopefully doing justice to the name.


I am David McDonald, health care actuary, experienced benefits consultant, and full stack data scientist. I developed the offering and partnered with long time industry executives and successful independent benefits consultants to bring it to market.

I originally never imagined I would be a founder or entrepreneur. I was always happy with the idea of being a lifer at a major insurance brokerage. But as my technical skillset and acumen for the industry developed, I saw some serious potential to change how things are done in the industry. I was often tasked with designing efficient internal processes for these major firms, and came to the realization that the most efficient way to do the work is to move out of excel sheets and static reports and develop a very insightful user friendly web interface for underwriting and plan management that allow clients to have the same access the broker would have. In 2020, I set out to finally develop something in my own name and create this solution myself.

Today our services are up and running and working for clients. We are well on the path to become a major disruptor in the group insurance brokerage market.